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Friends and Alumni

We are very much enriched by the kind work of many who, though not employed officially by the school, nevertheless contribute to its provision, values and principles in their connections with us.  Such people assist us in such different ways, some giving their time to run workshops with students, others singing in the school choir, and others who present awards in their name.  The restaurateur, Sally Clarke, of the bakery and restaurant in Kensington Church Street inspires us with her stellar success and her brand of exquisitely exceptional performance.  Katharine Kent, who sings in the school choir, brings us a perspective of a long and dutiful life.  Celia Birtwell, so famous and successful, warms our souls with humour. Simon Griffiths, Sally Price and David Mantle have given many years to the school and in their own ways soothed spirits over the years.  Jude Ragan and Gill del Bravo, inspirational retired heads, keep us on our toes (there is nothing like a practitioner in the cap) and Jean Anderson, Colin Hall's grammar school History mistress, telephones him each Sunday evening at 8pm to check his 'homework'!

Our alumni are also a powerful base for school enrichment. Amongst our former students, there are those who regularly offer us their latest news and updates on their first university years and, as the temporal distance from school swells, those whose occasional visits are always a delight.  We are fortunate to have students who have pursued a range of academic fields.  Students still in their university years, such as Violet Smart (Theology and Philosophy, Christchurch, Oxford), Omar Sabbagh (Law, King's College, Cambridge) and Sophia Staffiero (St Andrew's) return to school regularly and offer and insight to current students into the pleasures and pressures of university life.  The actress, Bel Powley and the medic Dr Valmir Selimi, revisit us each year to award prizes to students and to share with us all the riches of their very successful lives.

Former students and friends of the school are an important source of information for students about the wider world, about accessing a world of further study and careers that lies, in reality, not far from the closure of written examinations and the pressure of the weekly grind.