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David Chappell and Colin Hall
David Chappell and Colin Hall
David Chappell and Colin Hall

Leadership Team

The Head (since 2001), Colin Hall, coheres a diligent, committed and talented team of leaders. Central to it is David Chappell, Academy Head who has worked with Colin Hall since the 1990s. The school's leaders have established an outstanding school and qualities of leadership are at the heart of its priorities.

At the centre of the school's philosophy is a profound belief in self-improvement and the potential for change.

Leaders are expected to be self-critical, self-aware and selfless, understanding of their strengths and making a commitment to professional growth. Leaders are expected to have endurance, wisdom, stamina and an understated but deep-rooted confidence. Leaders seek to lead in a manner which combines an unflinching commitment to standards with appropriate personal warmth.

The Leadership Team comprises:

Colin Hall Head
David Chappell Academy Head
Nicholas Robson          Associate Head
Amanda Duggal Deputy Headteacher
Faye Mulholland Deputy Headteacher
Ross Wilson Deputy Headteacher
Joe Holloway Deputy Headteacher
Ben Arnold Assistant Headteacher
Simon Dobson Assistant Headteacher
Jack May Assistant Headteacher