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Katharine Kent Concert

At another glorious Katharine Kent Concert, our audience beheld our talented Maestro, Amy Chapman, curate and construct an evening of stunning entertainment. Spanning the traditional and cutting edge, the young and the old, the many and the few (that is, soloists and ensembles) this was a joyous celebration of musicianship. Ms Chapman's own talents, with baton, drum kit, trumpet and voice (she held off the guitar this year, for modesty's sake) led and guided a talented array of performers from across the year groups. The Orchestra performing Britten and Elgar - as well as the finale from Star Wars - rounded off the evening to a delightful ovation. Talented singers, with voices most of us can only dream of, sang to the strains of sensitive accompanists and the audience was abuzz with pleasure at their virtuosity. Instrumentalists showcased skills in demanding music by Bridge, Bloch, Bach, Shostakovich, Mozart. And the whole was a perfectly formed melange of magic.  Congratulations to all performers.

You will see on these pages some examples of the evening's performances. The first is written and performed by the singer, Isabella.