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A Winter Reflection

The whole school gathers in the atrium for this year's Winter Reflection
A Winter Reflection

The Winter Tree

With 1400 students lined around the school's atrium, with the stillness of a crowd of a thousand - illuminated by a collection of fairy lights, united by a search for inner tranquillity -  teachers and students stood together reflecting on this year's winter offering. Mr Robson, Mr Kramer and Ms Caddick opened the gathering with some secular music entitled 'Snow' (a version of which Mr Robson placed on YouTube here). The closing words 'Our love is like snow; it covers all we know') celebrate that desire for generosity and good will in a harsh climate. Mr Hall continued that theme with his bespoke story, 'Persil and Sirloin of Beef in a Newcastle Kitchen'. Written by Mr Hall for the event, it tells the story of human failings, of frustration, forgiveness and the desire for reconciliation. It is a story about acceptance of others, regardless of whether they let us down. Moving, amusing, sober but also uplifting, it was a celebration of winter time in the Holland Park style and this also is available to read here.

With our warmest wishes to the whole community for the coming break,

The School's Leadership Team