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Anything Goes

In this production it was certainly not a case of anything goes (or does). A wonderfully judged orchestra played Cole Porter’s music delightfully. Mr James Clements on the  piano with verve and élan, Miss Amy Chapman concurrently playing the trumpet and conducting an orchestra which has gone from strength to strength. Singers and soloists brought Cole Porter’s lyrics deftly before the audience. The narrative wove itself clearly and was beautifully fast paced benefiting from some talented performances which sustained an American tone throughout.  The lead parts were played with wit and a delightful physicality which added significantly to the humour. In a production which demanded that actors must sing it was enjoyable to see just how well students adapted to these dual demands.  This feat was carried off often with elegance and poise and whilst the lead cast undoubtedly sparkled it was however delightful to see a whole new generation of young talent making their debut and demonstrating some pizzazz.