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Extra-Curricular Record Breakers

Attendance to extra-curricular is higher than ever before on record, as the school surpasses itself in its response to Ofsted's only development point

All previous records for extra-curricular attendance are currently being consigned into the annals of history, as the school has hit a level of attendance to extra-curricular clubs that is hitherto unseen. Already in February, barely 5 months into the school year, are previous attendance figures for an entire year being dwarfed by current numbers. Over 91% of students in school have engaged in extra-curricular offerings, with a total number of attendances reaching 12 000. A number of students have averaged nearly 4 attendances per week to clubs after school and the school choir has racked up a total of nearly 1000 attendances since September. 

For those who love their statistics, this is a very exciting time. Mr Davison's tutor group currently leading the charge with over 13 attendances per head and Anderson House is securely leading all other houses with nearly 10 attendances per head. Year 13 and Year 7 are neck and neck with their attendance figures well over 10 attendances per head in each year group.

After internal examinations have finished, there could not be a better time to turn our attention towards all that which is on offer in school beyond the taught day, all that broadens the mind and elevates the soul. With political, social, intellectual, physical, artistic, musical, dramatic, choreographic, culinary and cultural activities on offer, the range of disciplines is broad and the quality highly impressive. Many congratulations to all of our highly engaged students.