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Mr Hall leads the (no) charge for school lunches

Lunch is offered gratis as Mr Hall raises standards of school food

It has been one of the most popular weeks of school food, with hundreds of takers for school lunch each day as Mr Hall has led the charge of providing students with nourishing and tasty food. Not only has Mr Hall led the charge (he has offered a culinary masterclass to the kitchen staff) he has also removed it, as the school has offered students lunch gratis all week. This has come following one of Mr Hall’s Sunday morning walkabouts around school, when he took the decision that the kitchen was not all we would want it to be. Thus ensued a week of refurbishment and cleaning and new equipment has been provided to ensure school food remains at the top of the school’s agenda. In the meantime, whilst the equipment has been replaced, food was distributed free of charge to students to compensate for this week’s inconvenience.