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Our league table success

The inside story about some exceptional results from students

School league tables are published and Holland Park students have done exceptionally well. Holland Park has a proud tradition of entering students early for examinations and because the government decided not to count any exams taken early in this year’s league tables, half of students’ examinations were not counted. Even when only half of students’ grades are counted, Holland Park still performs ‘on average’ compared to the rest of the country. That is an astonishing achievement. One student likened it to a 100 meter runner only being allowed to use one leg! When early qualifications are included, the school retains its place in the top five percent of performing schools in the country. The school took this decision in order to benefit students and it has been a powerfully beneficial policy for students. Of the 240 students taking exams two years early this year, 16 students achieved grade 9s in both of their subjects, all the evidence we need to be pleased about making this provision for students.