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Rye Pottery Collaboration

Rye Pottery Collaboration

Rye Cottage (Jug)

Mr Orr's assembly this week announced one of the many exciting projects organised for the 60th anniversary celebrations of the school. In partnership with the iconic company, Rye Pottery, the school is commissioning beautiful, hand-made mugs by the highly esteemed and much celebrated organisation, one for every student in the school. The organisation, which has several designs in the Victoria and Albert museum's Ceramics Collection, is well known for its beautiful designs and its glorious craftmanship. The plan, to furnish every child with a precious memento of the school's history, is intended to be an investment for a lifetime and to recognise students' own part in being part of the next phase of the school's development.

Those interested can explore the Rye Pottery website at www.ryepottery.co.uk or see some of the information about the Rye Pottery exhibition at the V&A here. We are very excited indeed to be beginning this project with such an organisation and promise to share news about it on our website.