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Saturday Teaching with Hundreds

The charge towards the summer's examinations is fuelled by enthusiasm from students and utter commitment from teachers
Saturday Teaching with Hundreds

Mr Hall Teaching A Level History

The lead up to the Summer examinations began in earnest this weekend, as nearly 200 students queued up for additional teaching on Saturday morning. Mr Hall was leading from the front, dusting down his A Level history and giving a masterclass to A Level students on Tudor England. Mr Wilson taught another over-filled classroom of budding mathematicians and the English team took students from across the year groups to build confidence and capacity. After the most recent practice examinations, which ended last week, the weekend represented the beginning of the final leg of the journey towards the Summer's examinations and the school commits itself to being ever more proactive with additional learning opportunities, with extending these experiences to more and more students and to give everyone the best possible chance of success in the summer.