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The Leadership Team Cook School Lunch

Bubbling, piping-hot chili con carne, served with a twist of lime, a dollop of sour cream and shavings of mature cheddar cheese. That was what students in Year 7 were treated to, courtesy of the school's Leadership Team's early rising.  Mr Hall, rounding up the troops shortly before 5 am this morning, was first to be chopping the onions and gathering the ingredients.


Shortly afterwards, he was joined by an enthusiastic (if not universally skilled) team of caterers, who followed Mr Hall's recipe to the letter to produce food of scintillating taste and made from healthy ingredients - food for the masses all prepared before most students arrived at 08.00. It was a most enjoyable way to celebrate the first week of 240 newcomers in style - and we pleased many a Sixth Form student whose stomachs were satiated by the leftovers!