Holland Park School

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University References

Information for University Admissions tutors

Holland Park School is an oversubscribed, outstanding secondary comprehensive school, situated in the heart of West Central London. Its Sixth Form comprises over 200 students in total and the limited places in the school’s Sixth Form are allocated to students on the basis of academic merit. We do not provide in school references judgments about students’ performance relative to the school cohort because, given the high performance of students and given the size of some classes and courses, we do not feel this normative approach either grants universities a reliable insight into students’ skills and aptitude or does justice to our students.

Our predicted grades are made on the basis of written tests in time-bound and controlled conditions - intended to replicate the rigour and routine of final public examinations. We make every effort to ensure they are accurate and we do not, as a policy, inflate or exaggerate them. 

The school is always willing to support its students by providing more information to universities than the information provided in the reference. To do so, please contact the school at info@hollandparkschool.co.uk and we will be pleased to share any further information.

Holland Park School references are written in good faith at the time they are submitted to UCAS. Where significant circumstances change, the school reserves the right to contact admissions departments and update, amend or retract part or all of the reference. The school believes that in so doing, it fosters trust with admissions tutors and best supports its students.