The School has a diverse alumni stretching back to the opening of the school in 1958.

Some of our alumni have reached their seventies and in 2018 when the school turned sixty, a number of its first eleven year olds came back to celebrate. All students from whatever era of the school's development are welcome to register their on-going interest in, and support of, the school. Each wave represents the prevailing ethos of the time at which they attended and that adds to the layers of the school's history. Of course a significant number of our students have gone to have careers and lives in the limelight across the arts and sciences and into high profile professions on the stage, as designers, in the political arena, as writers, directors and producers of film, and many other high offices including legal and medical professions.

Our celebration of alumni may be the great and good, it is in part, but it is of everyone who came and went on to make a decent, thoughtful and worthwhile contribution to society. We welcome all students keeping in touch with their alma mater and seeing school as part of their inheritance and something that has a continuing meaning for them.