Academy members

Name Position Trustee Term Completes
Ms Jane Farrell Chair of Governors 22.09.2025
Ms Margaret Allen
Mr Vic Daniels
Mr Howard Freed
Mrs Elizabeth Rutherford JP

Appointed trustees

Ms Catherine Blackler 31.08.2023
Mr Roy Blatchford CBE Chair of Remuneration 27.09.2025
Ms Jane Farrell 22.09.2025
Mr Yasser el Gabry 18.03.2022
Mr Steve Gough 14.11.2025
Dr Vanessa Ogden 27.09.2025
Mr Adrian Percival Chair of Finance & Resources 27.09.2025
Ms Teresa Tunnadine CBE Chair of Standards 27.09.2025
Mr Colin Hall Head / ex officio N/A
Mr David Chappell Academy Head / ex officio N/A

Elected parents

Mr John Bercow            25.11.2024
Vacancy (in process)

Clerk to the Governors: Mr Stewart Harper


Finance & Resources 

Adrian Percival, Roy Blatchford, Catherine Blackler, David Chappell, Steve Gough, Colin Hall


Teresa Tunnadine, John Bercow, Jane Farrell, Vanessa Ogden, David Chappell


Roy Blatchford, Jane Farrell, Yasser el Gabry


Catherine Blackler, Teresa Tunnadine, David Chappell

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