Sixth form

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Sixth Form Life


We seek to nurture a Sixth Form community that is both rigorously academic as well as socially stimulating. In addition to finding intellectual success, students in the Sixth Form are making an important transition to the adult world, in which it is essential to gain social skills and wide ranging personal experience.

To support students in this task, weekly assemblies, led by a member of the school’s Leadership Team, address social, cultural and spiritual themes, and stimulate reflection. We offer opportunities for cultural experiences, making trips to the theatre, to concerts and to exhibitions across London. Regular excursions to Iceland, Italy, Spain and France, as well as trips and visits within the United Kingdom are intended to enhance students’ global perspective. We enjoy a close relationship with our alumni, including those in illustrious careers, who visit regularly and generously bestow their guidance on the next generation of young adults. Our yearly tradition of the Year 13 Leavers’ Dinner, held at Bluebird Restaurant, Chelsea, is also intended to celebrate a Sixth Form community that possesses a sense of occasion, etiquette, and sophisticated adult interaction.

As part of this adult environment – and to mirror professional working life – students follow a dress code: suits (with jacket and trousers/skirts matching in pattern, material and colour), collared shirts, business shoes and ties for gentlemen.