Sixth Form


There is an unapologetic and uncompromising academic focus in Holland Park Sixth Form. You might be able to find vocational routes of study, or a relaxed - even ‘chilled out’ – atmosphere in any number of places for Post 16 study.

Sixth Form Life

Our unquestionable purpose in setting out Sixth Form life is to engender a culture that is rigorously academic. But alongside the academic strand of the Sixth Form, we have also fostered a climate of high-level social activity and a commitment to high culture.

Support and Guidance

A Level study is not like GCSE. There is a noticeable upward lurch in expectations and students who may have found the previous phase of learning a relative breeze are sometimes undone by the rise in demand.


Almost all of our students go straight from A Level study to university and students know how important it is to find a course boasting the very best reputation and academic provision.

Applying to Holland Park

Holland Park Sixth Form is hugely over-subscribed. Each year, we receive in excess of 600 applications for 120 places. We work very hard to ensure there is fairness in allocating students to courses.


The School has a diverse alumni stretching back to the opening of the school in 1958.