Covid Catch-up

The Government has provided funding to support students to catch up following what has been a period of considerable disruption for every child. Holland Park School believes believes, as difficult as the lockdown has been, all of our students will be able to catch up and achieve success. Our funding plan provides an overview of how we intend to allocate this additional funding.

Some key principles underlie the work that we are already doing in responding to gaps in achievement as a result of the disruption of the last two years. They are:

  1. Developing behaviour for learning as a key focus. Some students are out of the pattern of private study, and of how to use lesson time to make the most of their learning. Lessons are giving time to this practice, for instance by modelling memorisation activities, directing note-taking, engaging in shorter periods of practice with more regular opportunities for review and feedback.
  2. Starting with those skills that lie at the centre of a course. Making sure students can work fluently on those skills and concepts that underpin most topic areas gives a secure grounding for moving on. The peripheral, obscure corners of courses can wait: first is the time to build foundations. For instance: in computer science, programming; in mathematics, algebra and number.
  3. Testing and confidence. Testing needs to be a regular part of lessons, not only because it provides us with information about how students are doing but also because it gives students an opportunity to practise what they know. Tests need to be well pitched - too many tests with too many low scores will undermine confidence; that said, tests that are too easy will mislead. Tests should be ambitious and realistic, stretching students of all abilities.