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University Entrance

The overwhelming majority of our students decide to continue their education at university.  Results Day 2017 saw some exceptional achievement from A Level students, successfully securing courses  in PPE, Dentistry, Medicine, Engineering at universities including Cambridge, Imperial, Warwick, Durham, Manchester - and many others.  Such a result is at least partly the product of stunning A Level results, a goal to which we are utterly committed. To assist further in this process, the Sixth Form offers each student individualised support from the first decisions about course choices to the final preparations for interview.

With the rise in tuition fees, we are aware that the decision to pursue an undergraduate course is not an insignificant one.  Students require a careful balance of appropriate aspiration with sturdy realism; not every degree is the same, but all degrees are a foundation for professional life.

Students intending to apply for Oxbridge courses will have and need the highest of academic records, since only these will be considered for places at these universities.  At Holland Park, these students will undergo a programme that involves essay writing, research, reading, mock interviews, meetings with university admissions tutors, practice admissions tests and, where appropriate, intensive subject-specific support.