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In Year Application Form

In-year application form

Student details
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Add sibling information
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Parent/carer details
Address (if different from above)
Relationship to student
Home telephone number
Work telephone number
Mobile telephone number
Email Address
Previous education
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School(s) Last Attended
(include country in address if non-UK)
Type of School e.g. Primary/Secondary
Reason for leaving / seeking transfer
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Please note: Holland Park School will be seeking references from these schools as part of your child's admission. To expedite this process once an offer has been made, please include a copy of your child's most recent school report and proof of address with this application - see attached Guidance Notes for further information.
Social and/or medical needs

If you feel there are exceptional reasons for your child to be considered for a priority placement at Holland Park School, you will need to complete the separate Social and Medical form including any supporting evidence/letters regarding your child’s background with your application form. Holland Park School's Board of Governor's have sole authority to admit students based on social or medical needs. Please refer to the Social Medical Guidance Notes for further details and information.

Applying for a place at Holland Park School
Supporting documentation

Please upload a scan of a recent council tax bill and a scan of your most recent school report.


By submitting this form I certify that I have parental responsibility and am the main carer for the child named in this application and that the information which I have given is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I have knowingly given false or misleading information on this form or in supporting papers, or withheld relevant information, it might render this application invalid and lead to the withdrawal of an offer of a school place for my child.

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