Sixth Form Admissions

The deadline for applications to Holland Park Sixth Form for September 2021 is 15th December 2020. The form will remain open for late submissions but please be aware that any applications submitted after the published deadline will be considered 'late' applications; the implications of this are covered in the oversubscription criteria. For details, please see the Admissions Policy. A link to this policy is available at the bottom of this form.

We ask applicants to note that a condition of entry to the Sixth Form is participation in some trial lessons in July 2021 after Year 11 examinations have concluded.

Student details
Please upload your Personal Statement here as a PDF or a MS Word Document. In your personal statement, you should outline: your reasons for studying to A Level; your reasons for applying to Holland Park School; what you intend to contribute to Holland Park Sixth Form; your future ambitions; other interests. Please write no more than 600 words. You are restricted to files of a maximum of 10 Megabytes.

Details of diagnosed need (Optional)

Parent/carer details
Current school information
Please insert here a member of staff at your current school who will be responsible for your reference
Your school will be able to provide you with your Unique Pupil Number (UPN)
A-level option blocks

Please choose three subjects in total from the Option Blocks. You cannot choose more than one subject in an option block.

If you wish to study Further Mathematics, you must choose Further Mathematics in both blocks it appears. This ensures that you are placed in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics classes. Please note you DO NOT need to select separate Mathematics too. Further Mathematicians should also select two other subjects, in addition to Further Mathematics.

Guidance and form submission

Please follow the links below and read the documents. Once you have done this, please check the box underneath to acknowledge you have read and understood their contents.