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Sixth Form Application Form September 2020

The deadline for applications to Holland Park Sixth Form for September 2020 was Thursday 12th December 2019. The form will remain open for late submissions until February but please be aware that any applications submitted after Thursday 12th December will be considered 'late' applications; the implications of this are covered in the oversubscription criteria. For details, please see the Admissions Policy. A link to this policy is available at the bottom of this form.

We ask applicants to note that a condition of entry to the Sixth Form is participation in some trial lessons in July 2020 after Year 11 examinations have concluded. 

Student Date of Birth
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Does the student have a statement of Special Educational Need?   This may also be called an Educational Healthcare Plan.

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Please click to find the above documents.

 Sixth Form Dress Code and Contract

 School Admissions Policy

Term Dates

School Prospectus

You will not receive an automatic email receipt of your application. The thank you page, when you press submit, is your confirmation. Please take a screen-shot of this thank you page, including the completed form  that shows your surname forename and email address for your records.