Applying to Holland Park

Holland Park Sixth Form is hugely over-subscribed. Each year, we receive in excess of 600 applications for 120 places. We work very hard to ensure there is fairness in allocating students to courses.

In the end, the decision has to be about suitability and, in the end, that question is most importantly answered by students rather than by the school. Whatever institution students choose for Sixth Form study, it is imperative they choose one that is right for them; few (if any) establishments are right for everybody. 

Access to our Sixth Form will be available to students who have a minimum of 8 grades 9-6 at GCSE including English and Mathematics. We also ask that students achieve a grade 7 or above at GCSE in the subjects they wish to study at A Level, although students are considered on an individual basis. Holland Park students unlikely to make these requirements should seek advice from Mr Joe Holloway, Deputy Head or Mr Benjamin Arnold, Assistant Headteacher, about possible options available to them.

One of the reasons for setting a bar for GCSE performance is that we recognise that the jump to A Level study is a challenging one. School reserves the right to use its professional judgment to ensure students are enrolled on suitable courses. There is a duty on us to ensure that students are not only enjoying their study but are finding success and we take this duty very seriously.

Students choosing A Level courses should be guided by the requirements of potential University courses, in order to ensure that they meet the Entry Profiles of courses for which they intend to apply. Advice can be found on the UCAS website as well as in the Sixth Form section of this website.

Our application form is available now. You can find it here

For those interested in perusing our Option Blocks, you may do so here. Please note that students are expected to choose three subjects (only in rare circumstances do we allow students to select four). Two choices cannot be made from the same block. Those choosing further mathematics must select it in block 2 and block 4 and must choose two other subjects (not including mathematics).