There is a strong academic focus at Holland Park Sixth Form.

The largest majority of our students go straight to university study from A Level courses. Their desire is not only to secure the best grades, but to begin a trajectory of academic exploration that stays with them for life.

Many of our students go into academic research at leading universities; many others use their success in the Sixth Form as a springboard for high-flying, highly successful careers. Such success germinates from an attitude of excellence and this attitude is embodied in our culture. There is a seriousness, a purposefulness about our Sixth Form and its students that inspectors on more than one occasion have praised.

We believe very much – and we have seen frequently – that success originates from hard work. No natural talent, no innate skill, finds success at A Level without application. Teachers set, and our students enthusiastically absorb, more than twenty hours a week of Independent Study. Students frequently spend more time carrying out private work than they do in lessons, embedding and entrenching their knowledge and extending their understanding. In return, teachers offer lessons that lessons are exciting, dynamic and enriched by a wealth of scholarship. 

All school leaders understand the importance of Sixth Form study and the importance of finding the very best teachers to deliver Sixth Form courses. The leader of Sixth Form, Benjamin Arnold, sits on the school’s senior leadership team, representing the interests of students and ensuring the centrality of post 16 study in the school’s agenda.

We are delighted to offer students an impeccable environment for study: exquisite and spacious locations exclusively for Sixth Form students. The school’s opening hours in evenings and weekends, offer students privacy and focus long after the taught-day. At Holland Park, all is designed to help students develop into accomplished academics and set them on a pathway of future success.