Classical Head

Sixth Form Subject Areas


The Sixth Form offers traditional academic subjects for students to choose from, all of which are offered so that students can take any path that they would wish at University. 40% of vacancies advertised for graduates do not ask for a specific degree subject (, so what is listed below are suggestions and by no means signify the limit of choices available to you.

In September 2016, most subjects were reformed. These subjects included: Art and Design, Business Studies, Economics, English, French, History, Latin, Music, Psychology, Religious Studies, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. For more information about the meaning of these reforms for learning, please contact Mr Arnold, Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the Sixth Form.

Art and Design Architecture, Interior Design, Publishing, Teaching
Biology Biology, Zoology, Pharmacy, Conservation
Chemistry Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, Material Science
Dance Broadcasting, Public Administration, Social work
Drama and Theatre Studies Broadcasting, Administration, Management
English Literature Law, Journalism, Civil Service, PR & Marketing
French European Commission, Civil Service, Publishing
Geography Civil Service, Publishing and the Media, Journalism
History Law, Journalism, Publishing and the Media, Finance
Latin Law, Journalism, Civil Service, Marketing
Mathematics Economics, PPE, Statistician, Teaching, Research, Accountancy, Insurance, Risk Management
Further Mathematics as above
Music Broadcasting, Administration, Management
Physics Finance, Engineering, Computing
Religious Studies Philosophy, Civil Service, Public Policy, Journalism
Spanish The Civil Service, European Commission, Publishing