Almost all of our students go straight from A Level study to university and students know how important it is to find a course boasting the very best reputation and academic provision.

We have a long history of students going on to the most competitive courses (PPE, Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Engineering) at the most sought-after universities. We know that the most important ingredient in university success is securing the very best A Level results. Without grades, university offers lie forever out of reach. But in addition to such things, we also know that students are required to work at a level not bound by specifications or examination requirements. University interviews have no syllabus – neither do admissions tests. Instead creativity, ingenuity, an exposure to a wealth of literature and intellectual discourse is vital to make it through the tough selection processes of the finest university courses.

Our library boasts over 5000 titles, with many online resources for further study. With the rise in tuition fees, we are aware that the decision to pursue an undergraduate course is not an insignificant one. Students require a careful balance of appropriate aspiration with sturdy realism; not every degree is the same, but all degrees are a foundation for professional life.

As a result, Sixth Form tutors provide extensive time guiding their tutees through university options. There are opportunities to examine different websites and course outlines, sessions that train students to develop their personal statements, specialist advice on interviews and programmes for a range of courses of study. Students intending to apply for Oxbridge courses will have and need the highest of academic records, since only these will be considered for places at these universities. At Holland Park, these students will undergo a programme that involves essay writing, research, reading, mock interviews, meetings with university admissions tutors, practice admissions tests and, where appropriate, intensive subject-specific support.