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School Experience Placements

Please use this page to read about SEP days at Holland Park.

For those interested in teacher training , we recommend looking at the Get Into Teaching website to organise some school experience ( This portal enables those who have registered their interest in teaching, to sign up for sessions at schools and it provides access to school experience opportunities across the country. 

We also offer an opportunity to explore teacher training with us directly, by visiting the page here and finding the link for the form for April 2019. As a highly successful comprehensive school, part of The Good Schools Guide for the last decade, designated by the DfE as a Teaching School, twice Ofsted Outstanding and boasting results in the top 5% of all schools in the country, we are convinced we are well placed to offer teacher training and a perspective on schooling valuable to all who are interested in setting out in the profession.

Our School Experience Placement Days offer generous time to explore lessons, talk to students, investigate students' work and always feature some dialogue with school leaders about how we have made our school so successful, and what that success has demanded of teachers and leaders.

We will also be offering specialist training on our School Experience Placement Days on safeguarding, behaviour management, creating excitement in lessons, rote learning and professional values. This is intended to offer colleagues new to the profession an insight into the particular challenge and excitement that teaching offers as a career.

We do not seek to hide from those who visit us that our School Experience Placement Days are part of our recruitment drive. In order to sustain our place as one of the most successful comprehensive schools, we are on a constant mission to find talented, enthusiastic, driven, dynamic teachers who are willing to turn themselves inside out to help young people achieve and be successful. Our preference is that all who join us on our School Experience Placement Days consider making an application to us through UCAS.