Sixth form

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Sixth Form


We make no apology for the academic focus and rigour of Holland Park Sixth Form. Many other providers are able to offer vocational routes of learning at Post 16 and there are a number of other institutions with a ‘chilled out’ atmosphere. Our Sixth form is no such place.

Our students are aspirational for academic success, aiming for top performing universities and settling for nothing other than the highest of their potential. Teachers set, and our students enthusiastically absorb, twenty hours per week of Independent Study, with students in Year 12 completing an hour of work for every hour they are in lessons. In return, students are fortunate to be taught by talented graduates of with a significant academic pedigree who design, in Ofsted's words “exceptional learning experiences”.

We are delighted to offer students an impeccable environment for study, where our history of university success and outstanding results encourage all students to develop into accomplished academics and set them on a pathway of future success.



The overwhelming majority of our students decide to continue their education at university. Results Day 2017 saw some exceptional achievement from A Level students, successfully securing courses in PPE, Dentistry, Medicine, Engineering at universities including Cambridge, Imperial, Warwick, Durham, Manchester - and many others. Such a result is at least partly the product of stunning A Level results, a goal to which we are utterly committed. To assist further in this process, the Sixth Form offers each student individualised support from the first decisions about course choices to the final preparations for interview.

With the rise in tuition fees, we are aware that the decision to pursue an undergraduate course is not an insignificant one. Students require a careful balance of appropriate aspiration with sturdy realism; not every degree is the same, but all degrees are a foundation for professional life.

Students intending to apply for Oxbridge courses will have and need the highest of academic records, since only these will be considered for places at these universities. At Holland Park, these students will undergo a programme that involves essay writing, research, reading, mock interviews, meetings with university admissions tutors, practice admissions tests and, where appropriate, intensive subject-specific support.



In addition to the emphasis we place on academic endeavour, the Sixth Form is concerned with building rounded individuals with a wealth of personal experience. Our stunning new facilities accompany ambitious Sixth Form sports teams in a range of disciplines, in addition to a thriving and wide ranging recreational sports scene and regular fitness programmes. This year, house sports competitions pepper the school year and draw students from across the year groups. Students also are ambitious in organising their own societies, including a book club, a debating society and a charity committee. Students can also sign up to cultural outings to the theatre, to concerts and to art galleries and they are able to become involved in the school production as well as Sixth Form Leadership.



The Sixth Form offers traditional academic subjects for students to choose from, all of which are offered so that students can take any path that they would wish at University. 40% of vacancies advertised for graduates do not ask for a specific degree subject (, so what is listed below are suggestions and by no means signify the limit of choices available to you.

In September 2016, most subjects were reformed. These subjects included: Art and Design, Business Studies, Economics, English, French, History, Latin, Music, Psychology, Religious Studies, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. For more information about the meaning of these reforms for learning, please contact Ms Mulholland, Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the Sixth Form.


Art and Design Architecture, Interior Design, Publishing, Teaching
Biology Biology, Zoology, Pharmacy, Conservation
Chemistry Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, Material Science
Dance Broadcasting, Public Administration, Social work
Drama and Theatre Studies Broadcasting, Administration, Management
English Literature Law, Journalism, Civil Service, PR & Marketing
French European Commission, Civil Service, Publishing
Geography Civil Service, Publishing and the Media, Journalism
History Law, Journalism, Publishing and the Media, Finance
Latin Law, Journalism, Civil Service, Marketing
Mathematics Economics, PPE, Statistician, Teaching, Research, Accountancy, Insurance, Risk Management
Further Mathematics as above
Music Broadcasting, Administration, Management
Physics Finance, Engineering, Computing
Religious Studies Philosophy, Civil Service, Public Policy, Journalism
Spanish The Civil Service, European Commission, Publishing



We seek to nurture a Sixth Form community that is both rigorously academic as well as socially stimulating. In addition to finding intellectual success, students in the Sixth Form are making an important transition to the adult world, in which it is essential to gain social skills and wide ranging personal experience.

To support students in this task, weekly assemblies, led by a member of the school’s Leadership Team, address social, cultural and spiritual themes, and stimulate reflection. We offer opportunities for cultural experiences, making trips to the theatre, to concerts and to exhibitions across London. Regular excursions to Iceland, Italy, Spain and France, as well as trips and visits within the United Kingdom are intended to enhance students’ global perspective. We enjoy a close relationship with our alumni, including those in illustrious careers, who visit regularly and generously bestow their guidance on the next generation of young adults. Our yearly tradition of the Year 13 Leavers’ Dinner, held at Bluebird Restaurant, Chelsea, is also intended to celebrate a Sixth Form community that possesses a sense of occasion, etiquette, and sophisticated adult interaction.

As part of this adult environment – and to mirror professional working life – students follow a dress code: suits (with jacket and trousers/skirts matching in pattern, material and colour), collared shirts, business shoes and ties for gentlemen.



Transition to A Level study is complex and the demand of study should not be underestimated. Students are required to think deeply, connect abstract ideas, read widely and independently and write in sophisticated, grammatically accurate and elegant prose. Meeting such challenge requires support and each student is assigned a Tutor Group and a House at the beginning of the year. Such places are families; structures intended above all for support from peers and adults, but they also offer daily sessions on matters such as study skills, cultural experiences, applications to university and UCAS personal statements. In addition to meeting students every day, Sixth Form Tutors also arrange for one to one meetings across the school year with each student to discuss progress.

Likewise, many teachers offer additional teaching and revision sessions to students outside the school timetable. Students are expected to make themselves available for teaching on Saturday mornings and during the holidays. The school’s opening hours are extensive, and students benefit from having access to learning facilities (including the Sixth Form Library, stunning art, drama and dance studios and the fitness suite) which are open well after and before the school day.

Each student receives our tailor-made Sixth Form Planner, which not only includes the core dates and deadlines for the year but also provides a wealth of advice about school policy, study skills, course details, living life as an adult, student enrichment and applying to university.