Support and Guidance

A Level study is not like GCSE. There is a noticeable upward lurch in expectations and students who may have found the previous phase of learning a relative breeze are sometimes undone by the rise in demand.

Students are required to think deeply, connect abstract ideas, read widely and independently and write in sophisticated, grammatically accurate and elegant prose. We understand that meeting such challenge requires support and a team of teachers are on hand to provide help to all students experiencing this change.  Each student is assigned a Tutor Group and a House at the beginning of the year. Such places are families; structures intended above all for support from peers and adults, but they also offer daily sessions on matters such as study skills, cultural experiences, applications to university and UCAS personal statements. In addition to meeting students every day, Sixth Form Tutors also arrange for one to one meetings across the school year with each student to discuss progress.

And such a pastoral structure is not limited to pastoral staff. There is an extensive programme of additional teaching outside the school timetable, during the week, Saturdays and during holidays. Subject specialists are frequently not content with the time they have offered during the week and students are invited – indeed, expected – to attend sessions to ensure they do not fall behind. Benjamin Arnold, Assistant Headteacher who leads the Sixth Form, has both the focus and the seniority and sway to ensure that Sixth Form students are well provided for. He will coordinate with be pleased to coordinate with students and their teachers and parents to ensure an individualised plan for students’ success.