Holland Park Goes Digital

The transfer to online provides more benefits than we had anticipated, in these strange times

There is little that can stand in the way of Holland Park teachers. Not successfully at least. Two weeks, now, into the closure of schools and online activity on Holland Park's Google Classroom site has been rampant. Engagement statistics, produced by google's own analysis, shows that the number of students submitting work each day is on a par with school's attendance figures when we were open. Such tenacity from students is to be cherished, but it has also been supported by some superb innovation from teachers.

Here is a list of some highlights

  • Online reading material from Exact Editions gives access to hundreds of materials that open new worlds of discovery for students
  • The school choir have done their first digital performance. Having had the expertise of Stile Antico working with them for six masterclasses, they were not going to be prevented from performance by the cancellation of the concert. You can hear 25 singers' submissions from students' bedrooms mixed together here: www.youtube.com/hollandpark
  • Teachers have created their own resources to stimulate excitement from students, some of which have been merely for the purposes of irreverent joy. See Ms Chapman's pug adventure here: drive.google.com/file 
  • Student work has been of exceptional quality. You can see some examples of artwork here: www.hollandparkschool/artists